July 09, 2018
school (noun)
\SKOOL\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : an institution for teaching and learning; also : the pupils in attendance2 : a body of persons of like opinions or beliefs
How do you use it?
Having looked forward to summer vacation for months, Jordan was surprised to find that he soon missed going to school.
Are you a word wiz?

"School" might seem like a strange Buzzword choice for summer, but it's not if you know the word's history. What do you think "school" first meant?

You get an A if you picked B. The English word "school" comes from the Greek "schole," which originally meant "leisure." The Greeks thought it natural that one's leisure time should be spent learning and thinking, so "schole" also came to mean "a place for learning." Its use was then extended to groups who listened to the lectures of a particular philosopher. Latin borrowed the Greek word as "schola," which emphasized the place where a particular teacher lectured, and it later came to meaning "place of instruction." From there, it entered Old English as "scol" and became "scole" in Middle English before taking on its modern spelling.
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