July 15, 2016
syringe (noun)
\suh-RINJ\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: a device to inject fluids into or withdraw them from the body
How do you use it?
When Jon stepped on a rusty nail, the nurse in the ER gave him a tetanus shot using a needle and a syringe.
Are you a word wiz?

Where do you think the word "syringe" has its origins?

The name of the tube-shaped instrument known as the "syringe" comes from the Greek word "syrinx," meaning "panpipe" or "tube." In Greek mythology, Syrinx was the name of a nymph, a lesser goddess, represented as a beautiful young girl. According to the legend, Pan, the god of woods and shepherds, pursued Syrinx to the edge of a river. Syrinx prayed to the gods for help in escaping Pan, and was transformed into one of the hollow tube-shaped water reeds growing by the bank. Pan used the reeds to build his musical instrument known as the panpipes as a way a remembering the beautiful Syrinx.
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