July 25, 2017
inveterate (adjective)
\in-VET-uh-rut\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : firmly established by age or by long continuation2 : doing or acting out of habit
How do you use it?
The defense attorney sought to portray the witness as an inveterate liar who held a grudge against the defendant.
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"Inveterate" and "chronic" both mean firmly established. "Inveterate" applies to a habit, attitude, or feeling that has existed for so long that it's practically unable to be rooted out or changed (as "an inveterate gambler"), while "chronic" suggests something that exists or continues for a long time ("a chronic complainer"). "Confirmed," another synonym, refers to a condition that has grown stronger or firmer with time so that it resists any attempt to change it ("a confirmed bachelor").
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