July 26, 2016
canoe (noun)
\kuh-NOO\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: a long narrow boat with pointed ends and curved sides that is usually moved by someone using a paddle
How do you use it?
Stacy is excited about taking a summer trip up the river in a birch bark canoe just like the ones used by the Algonquian Indians centuries ago.
Are you a word wiz?

In which one of these languages do you think the word "canoe" has its origins?

You can safely navigate the linguistic waters with A. Although on its journey into English "canoe" traveled through French, New Latin, Spanish, and Arawakan (the language of a group of Indian peoples of South American and the West Indies), it is based in Carib, a language of an Indian people of northern South America and the Lesser Antilles. Some other English words which can be traced to Carib are names belonging to animals that are native to the lands in and around South America. Among these are the crocodile known as the "caiman," the "iguana" lizard, and the mammal called a "peccary," which is related to and resembles a pig.
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