July 30, 2013
implore (verb)
\im-PLOR\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to call upon with a humble request : beseech
How do you use it?
In Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," the wife of Caesar implores him not to go to the senate because she has had a bad dream.
Are you a word wiz?

One of these words is a synonym of "implore." We implore you to pick the right one out. Which one do you think means the same thing as "implore"?

We hope you said "yes" to C. Both "implore" and "entreat" mean "to ask urgently." "Entreat" implies an effort to persuade or overcome resistance. ("They entreated him to change his mind.") "Implore" adds to that a sense of great urgency or anxiety. ("He implored her not to leave him.") Two more synonyms in this group are "beg" and "importune." "Beg" suggests earnestness in asking for a favor. ("The children begged to stay up late.") And "importune" indicates an annoying persistence in trying to get a request granted. ("The candidate importuned party members for contributions.")
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