August 09, 2017
apron (noun)
\AY-prun\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : a garment worn on the front of the body to keep the clothing from getting dirty2 : something that suggests or resembles an apron in shape, position, or use: as a : the part of the stage in front of the curtain b : the paved part of an airport next to the terminal area or hangars
How do you use it?
Dad laughed when he saw that the apron we got him said "King of the Grill."
Are you a word wiz?

The word "apron" resulted from a mistake made centuries ago. What do you think the mistake was?

You've got yourself covered if you picked A! Thanks to a mishearing, a modern-day cook wears an "apron," not a "napron." In the English of the 14th century, "napron" denoted a cloth placed over clothing to protect it from stains. ("Napron" derives from the French "naperon," which usually referred to a small cloth placed over a more elegant tablecloth to protect it from stains.) In speech, a "napron" was often incorrectly understood as "an apron," and by the 17th century "apron" had effectively replaced "napron."
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