August 11, 2016
fancy (verb)
\FAN-see\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to have a fancy for : like2 : to form a mental image of : imagine
How do you use it?
Jeanne has never fancied big breakfasts; she prefers a simple meal of toast and fruit and tea.
Are you a word wiz?

"Fancy" traces all the way back to the Greek word "phainein." If you fancy guessing games, tell us this: which of the following do you think is the correct meaning of "phainein"?

"Phainein" means "to show," and you can see a little of this meaning in the second sense of "fancy": "to form a mental image of." "Phainein" plays a part in the histories of a number of words, including "phase" and "phenomenon." The verb "fancy" is only one kind of "fancy." You're probably most familiar with the adjective "fancy," most commonly used to mean "not plain," as in "fancy decorations" or "a fancy dress." Another kind of "fancy" is the noun that corresponds to today's buzzword and is often used to mean "a feeling of liking someone or something," as in "The kids took a fancy to the stray dog." "Fancy" also has other senses that are more common in British English than in American English.
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