August 20, 2016
ordinary (adjective)
\OR-duh-nair-ee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to be expected : normal, usual2 : neither good nor bad : average
How do you use it?
"Annemarie admitted to herself, snuggling there in the quiet dark, that she was glad to be an ordinary person who would never be called upon for courage." (Lois Lowry, _Number the Stars_)
Are you a word wiz?

Are your word skills beyond the ordinary? Tell us which word you think is a synonym of "ordinary."

"Ordinary," "common," "plain," and "familiar" mean not in any way special, strange, or unusual. "Ordinary" stresses conforming with the regular order of things, as in "an ordinary summer day" or "an ordinary man." "Common" describes things that happen often or have an everyday quality, as in "a common error" or "common decency." "Plain" is likely to describe something basic or simple, as in "plain home-cooked meals" or "a plain dress." "Familiar" stresses the fact of being generally known and easily recognized, as in "a familiar melody" or "a familiar theme."
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