August 31, 2016
sumptuous (adjective)
\SUMP-shuh-wus\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: involving large expense : lavish
How do you use it?
The visiting delegation was treated to a sumptuous banquet.
Are you a word wiz?

You notice that we list one synonym of "sumptuous" in its definition. Which other words are synonyms of "sumptuous"?

You're on the money if you chose A! "Sumptuous," "luxurious," and "opulent" are all used of something that is obviously rich or magnificent. "Sumptuous" implies that something is very expensive or looks very expensive ("sumptuous velvet gowns"). "Luxurious" suggests that something is very expensive or is the best on offer with a stress on providing personal comfort ("luxurious hotel accommodations"). "Opulent" is used to refer to something that is very expensive in a show-offy way ("opulent spoons made of pearls and rubies").
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