September 05, 2018
punctuate (verb)
\PUNK-chuh-wayt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to mark or divide with punctuation marks
How do you use it?
After we've written a final draft of our essays, we go through them one more time to make sure we have spelled and punctuated everything correctly.
Are you a word wiz?

We have one question for you today, period. Which of the following do you think is another meaning of the word "punctuate"?

Did you pick D? An exclamation point is in order for you! Another meaning of "punctuate" is "to interrupt at intervals," as in "The speech was punctuated with applause." "Punctuate" comes from the Latin word "punctus," meaning "point," the same word "point" comes from. Also from "punctus" is "punctual," meaning "acting or usually acting at an appointed time or at a regularly scheduled time," as in "The trains were punctual." "Puncture" is another word from "punctus." One meaning of "puncture" is "to make a hole with point," as in "A nail punctured the tire."
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