September 08, 2016
Thursday (noun)
\THERZ-day\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: the fifth day of the week
How do you use it?
Every Thursday, our favorite pizza place runs a BOGO special on slices. .
Are you a word wiz?

Like all the other days of the week, Thursday is named for a god worshipped by an ancient civilization. To which ancient civilization do you think the word "Thursday" can be traced?

"Thursday" honors Thor, the Norse god of thunder and lightning, so B is correct. Other names for days are also based on Norse and Germanic gods -- Tuesday for Tiu, the Germanic god of war; Wednesday for Wodin, the Norse supreme god; Thursday for Thor; and Friday for Frigga, the Norse goddess of fertility. English speakers who coined the names were emulating the Romans, who honored different gods or planets on different days. English speakers changed the Roman gods (Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus) for more familiar ones (Tiu, Wodin, Thor, and Frigga). Interestingly, they kept the Roman days to honor Saturn ("Saturday"), the sun ("Sunday"), and the moon ("Monday").
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