September 10, 2016
replete (adjective)
\rih-PLEET\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : fully or well provided or filled2 : well fed
How do you use it?
"Tisha is always very thorough in her research," said Mr. Park as he presented her award, "so, as usual, her science project was replete with data supporting her hypothesis."
Are you a word wiz?

Judging from what you know about "replete," which word below do you think is a synonym of "replete"?

Answer A is completely right. "Replete" and "complete" both mean containing all that is wanted, needed, or possible. "Complete" implies that everything that is needed in a situation is present (as in "a complete summary of a plan"). "Replete" adds even more; it suggests something filled to the brim (for instance, "a news story replete with details"). Another synonym, "plenary," may be a new word to you. It means "complete in every respect" or "absolute, unqualified" (as in "a committee with plenary power").
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