September 16, 2012
evoke (verb)
\ih-VOHK\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to call forth or up : summon
How do you use it?
The taste of cherry pie evokes childhood memories of climbing the cherry tree behind my grandmother's house.
Are you a word wiz?

Using a word like "evoke" in your writing is likely to call forth an enthusiastic response from your teachers. But let's make sure you've got it right. In which of the sentences below is "evoke" used correctly?

If you chose B that should evoke smiles. "Evoke" is from the Latin verb "evocare," which means "to call forth." The Latin word, in turn, comes from "vocare," meaning "to call." In addition to the "call forth" sense, "evoke" can mean "to recreate something with imagination." If "evoke" isn't quite the word you're looking for, try one of these synonyms, all of which start with "e": "elicit" (to draw out), "educe" (to draw forth or bring out), or "extract" (to get out by using force or pressure).
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