September 19, 2016
radiant (adjective)
\RAY-dee-unt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 a : giving out or reflecting light b : vividly bright and gleaming2 : glowing with love, confidence, or happiness3 : transmitted by radiation
How do you use it?
We could tell from Mom's radiant smile that she really liked our homemade gift.
Are you a word wiz?

"Radiant" is a shining example of a word that has a lot of synonyms. Its synonyms all have something to do with light. Which of the following words do you think is one of those synonyms?

"Radiant," "luminous," "bright," and "brilliant" all mean shining or glowing in different ways. "Radiant" suggests giving off or appearing to give off rays of light (as in "the radiant glow of the sun" and "he was radiant with joy"). "Luminous" implies giving off a steady glowing light (as in "the cat's luminous eyes" and "luminous candlelight"). "Bright" applies to a strong light especially compared to the light from a similar source (as in "a very bright star" and "a bright and sunny day"). "Brilliant" implies strong or sparkling light (as in "a brilliant diamond" and "a brilliant reflection off the water").
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