September 23, 2017
benevolent (adjective)
\buh-NEV-uh-lunt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: having a desire to do good : kindly, charitable
How do you use it?
Andre's benevolent nature led him to volunteer at the hospital after school one day each week.
Are you a word wiz?

"Benevolent" traces back to the Latin root "velle." What do you think "velle" means?

If you didn't chose A, "to wish," you'll be wishing you had. The Latin verb "velle" means "to wish" or "to will." "Velle" gives us the "-volent" in "benevolent," and it contributes to a number of English terms for people who wish to help others and do so whenever they get a chance. "Voluntary" and "volunteers" are two of them. "Bene," another Latin word, gives us the "bene-" in "benevolent." "Bene" means "well" and it is the same root that puts the goodness in "benefit" and "benediction."
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