October 04, 2018
esteem (verb)
\ih-STEEM\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to think of in a particular way : consider2 : to think very highly or favorably of
How do you use it?
Isabel is thrilled to have been put in charge of a ceremony honoring a teacher that the students esteem as a guide and role model.
Are you a word wiz?

Which one of these words do you think is a synonym of "esteem"?

It's B that you should hold in high favor. "Regard" is a general term that is usually narrowed down to refer to a specific subject. ("She is highly regarded in the profession.") "Esteem" implies a greater warmth of feeling accompanying a high value placed on something. ("The annual award is presented to the citizen most highly esteemed.") "Respect," another synonym, suggests a considered evaluation or judgment. ("They came to respect her views after many years.") And "admire" indicates enthusiastic appreciation and often deep affection. ("He is a friend that I truly admire.")
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