October 15, 2016
insolent (adjective)
\IN-suh-lunt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : disrespectful or rude in speech or conduct2 : showing boldness or rudeness
How do you use it?
Elisabeth immediately regretted the insolent tone she used in answering her grandmother, and never spoke to her so disrespectfully again.
Are you a word wiz?

Which of the following do you think describes someone being insolent?

We'll politely tell you that D is the correct answer today. Yelling at someone who asks you kindly to do something is pretty rude, and best fits the definition of "insolent." Although tricking someone is not nice, it's not insolent. And it's certainly not insolent to have seconds on ice cream or to pretend to be asleep. Although "insolent" may not be a word you hear very much, it's a very old word. "Insolent" has been part of the English language for more than 600 years!
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