October 15, 2017
berserk (adjective)
\ber-SERK\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: gone out of control : crazy, amok
How do you use it?
The shouting and the echoes seemed to be driving the troll | berserk. It roared again and started toward Ron, who was nearest and had no way to escape.
Are you a word wiz?

English borrowed "berserk" from another language. What language do you think gave us "berserk"?

Old Norse sagas told of a class of warriors called "berserkrs" who could work themselves up into such a frenzy during battle that they were said to be able to withstand fire or steel. The word "berserkr" is a combination of "ber-," presumed to mean "bear," and "sakr," meaning "shirt." Originally the "bear-shirt" probably referred to a man dressed in a garment representing a bear who entered into a trancelike state in which he magically assumed the powers of a bear. The legend of the frenzied "berserkrs" gave us our word "berserk" to mean "out of control."
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