October 18, 2013
eradicate (verb)
\ih-RAD-ih-kayt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to remove by or as if by uprooting : eliminate, destroy
How do you use it?
Smallpox, an often fatal disease that causes fever and then a severe rash, was eradicated by 1980 through the widespread use of a vaccine.
Are you a word wiz?

Read the definition of "eradicate" one more time. Can you pick the one word below that is a relative of "eradicate"?

Did you dig up answer B as correct? To "eradicate" is "to remove by or as if by uprooting." A "radish" also has to do with a root and that is its connection to "eradicate." Both words trace to the Latin "radic-" or "radix," meaning "root." "Eradicate" came into English directly from the Latin "eradicatus," the past participle of "eradicare," a combination of "e-" and "radic-, radix." Thought of as a vegetable, a radish is actually the edible root of a plant. We can trace the word "radish" back through Middle and Old English and then to "radic-, radix," the Latin root for "root."
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