October 18, 2018
acumen (noun)
\uh-KYOO-mun\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: keenness of mind : shrewdness
How do you use it?
Thanks to Veronica's hard work and business acumen, the coffee shop was making a profit within three months of opening.
Are you a word wiz?

Do you have the vocabulary acumen to pick the synonym of "acumen" from the choices below?

Your discernment is good if you picked D! "Acumen" is used to imply good practical judgment and a natural ability to see what isn't obvious. "Discernment" also has to do with a power to see what isn't evident to the average mind, and it stresses accuracy in things such as perceiving people's motives or appreciating art. "Insight" is much like "discernment" but with the added sense of an understanding sympathy. "Penetration" is another synonym. It implies a searching mind that goes beyond what is obvious or superficial.
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