October 19, 2018
eradicate (verb)
\ih-RAD-ih-kayt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to remove by or as if by uprooting : eliminate, destroy
How do you use it?
Smallpox, an often fatal disease that causes fever and then a severe rash, was eradicated by 1980 through the widespread use of a vaccine.
Are you a word wiz?

Read the definition of "eradicate" one more time. Can you pick the one word below that comes from the same root word as "eradicate"?

Did you dig up answer B as correct? To "eradicate" is "to remove by or as if by uprooting." A "radish" also has to do with a root and that is its connection to "eradicate." Both words trace to the Latin "radic-" or "radix," meaning "root." "Eradicate" came into English directly from the Latin "eradicatus," the past participle of "eradicare," a combination of "e-" and "radic-, radix." Thought of as a vegetable, a radish is actually the edible root of a plant. We can trace the word "radish" back through Middle and Old English and then to "radic-, radix," the Latin root for "root."
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