October 20, 2016
submerge (verb)
\sub-MERJ\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to put or go underwater2 : to cover or become covered with or as if with water
How do you use it?
As long as he was wearing his scuba diving equipment, Sean could safely submerge himself in the ocean for long periods and explore the shipwreck.
Are you a word wiz?

Sometimes words are coined by famous authors. Which of these authors do you think was the first to use the word "submerge"?

You're not in over your head if you picked B. "Submerge" was first used in 1606 in Shakespeare's play _Antony and Cleopatra_. When Antony tells Cleopatra that he has married someone else, Cleopatra responds that she wishes he were lying, even if it would mean that "half my Egypt were submerged." Other writers have since picked up on "submerge." Not surprisingly, it appears in Herman Melville's novel _Moby Dick_. There, the great white whale outwits Captain Ahab by positioning himself with "his body being submerged beneath the boat."
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