October 26, 2016
exasperate (verb)
\ig-ZASS-puh-rayt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to make angry : annoy, irritate
How do you use it?
The rain through our vacation was disappointing, but it was our constant complaining about it that exasperated Mom.
Are you a word wiz?

Without becoming exasperated, see if you can find a synonym for "exasperate" among the words listed. Which one of these words is it?

"Exasperate," "nettle," "provoke," and "peeve" mean to create a feeling of anger or annoyance. "Exasperate" suggests causing annoyance and extreme impatience, as in "His tendency to put things off exasperates his family." "Nettle" suggests a sharp but passing annoyance or stinging, as in "Her selfish attitude nettled several people." "Provoke" implies an arousing of strong annoyance or anger, as in "The rude remarks were made solely to provoke her." "Peeve" suggests whiny irritation or discontent, as in "The toddler was peeved at being refused a cookie."
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