October 29, 2018
truncate (verb)
\TRUNG-kayt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to shorten by or as if by cutting off
How do you use it?
Because the sound system died towards the end of the assembly, the recording of her speech was truncated.
Are you a word wiz?

Which words below are cousins of "truncate"?

We won't cut you off short if you answered C! "Trunk," "truncheon," and "truncate" all come from the Latin word "truncus," meaning "trunk" or "torso." It's easy to see how "trunk" derives from "truncus," but what about "truncheon" or "truncate"? "Truncheon," a word that describes a short club or staff, was first used in English to refer to a broken fragment of something, such as a spear. This comes from the idea that the trunk of a body is the "short" part (without arms or legs). "Truncate," our word today, comes from the Latin verb "truncare," which means "to cut off" and also borrows on the "short" connotation of "truncus."
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