October 30, 2012
querulous (adjective)
\KWAIR-yuh-lus\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : always eager to complain2 : showing a complaining attitude
How do you use it?
"It was not that he was exacting and querulous; . . ." (Somerset Maugham, _Moon and Sixpence_)
Are you a word wiz?

Whoops, we forgot to finish the quotation above, which comes from a work by English writer Somerset Maugham. Using your understanding of the word "querulous," choose the answer that you think follows the part of the quotation we've given you.

"Querulous" refers to a person who likes to complain—and complain frequently. The beginning of Maugham's sentence states that the subject was in fact not querulous, yet in sentences A, B, and D, the subject is either complaining, whining, or carping. That leaves as the correct answer sentence C, in which the subject never voices a complaint. The rest of Maugham's sentence, however, reveals patient who is unpleasant nevertheless: ". . . he was perfectly silent; but he seemed to resent the care that was taken of him; he received all inquiries about his feelings or his needs with a jibe, a sneer, or an oath."
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