October 30, 2017
inherent (adjective)
\in-HEER-unt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: belonging to or being a part of the nature of a person or thing
How do you use it?
What she lacked in inherent basketball skill, Alicia made up for by practicing daily.
Are you a word wiz?

Our writers have been practicing how to use "inherent" in a sentence. Which sentence shows that one of them is a natural word wiz?

If you picked A, you must have some inherent word skills! Sentence A is the only one that uses "inherent" as an adjective that describes something that is part of the nature of a person or thing. Although sentence B uses "inherent" as an adjective, it doesn't correctly reflect the meaning of the word. Sentence C uses "inherent" to describe the verb "waiting," which means it's being used as an adverb instead of as an adjective. Sentence D uses "inherent" as a verb--the writer probably meant to use the word "inherit."
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