November 05, 2016
bang-up (adjective)
\BANG-up\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: first-rate, excellent
How do you use it?
Jessica did a bang-up job making her go-cart, and came in first with it in the annual neighborhood race.
Are you a word wiz?

"Bang-up" is a funny word for "excellent," but it's not the only one. Which of the words below do you think also mean "excellent"?

Your vocabulary is tip-top if you chose A! "Bang-up," "apple-pie," and "blue-chip" all refer to someone or something that is excellent. "Bang-up" comes from the adverb "bang," meaning "right" or "directly," and "up." "Apple-pie" comes from the dessert and often suggests a homey goodness, as in "a room in apple-pie order." ("Apple-pie" is also used to describe something that is characterized by traditionally American values.) "Blue-chip" comes from the stock market and was first used to refer to an investment that was successful and stable. Now it is also used generally to mean "first-rate," as in "blue-chip advice."
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