November 08, 2016
endure (verb)
\in-DUR\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to continue in the same state : last2 : to bear patiently : suffer3 : to allow to happen or continue : tolerate
How do you use it?
On our field trip to the museum we saw ancient pottery and statues that have endured for thousands of years.
Are you a word wiz?

"Endure" comes from the Latin word "indurare." Which of the following do you think is the correct meaning of "indurare"?

The choice that endures is C: "indurare" means "to harden." "Indurare" itself comes from the prefix "in-" and another Latin word, "durare," which actually has the same meaning as "indurare": "to harden." But "durare" can also mean "to last." "Durare" has given us a number of words, including "durable," which means "able to last a long time," and "during," which means "throughout the course of" and "at some time in the course of." Another "durare" word is "perdurable." This uncommon word means simply "very durable." Your reputation for having a good vocabulary is likely to endure if you can use "perdurable" occasionally.
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