November 09, 2018
proficient (adjective)
\pruh-FISH-unt\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: very good at doing something especially through practice
How do you use it?
Laura knew it would take a lot of practice to be a proficient musician, but she enjoyed her flute lessons and could already play some short songs.
Are you a word wiz?

One of the following words is a synonym of "proficient." Which word is it?

You're a proficient synonym spotter if you picked D. If you are adept or proficient at something you are skillful -- perhaps even an expert. "Adept," "proficient," "skillful," and "expert" are all synonyms, but each has its own special personality. "Proficient" usually describes pure ability that comes from training and practice ("a proficient swimmer"). "Adept" suggests an innate ability as well as a learned skill ("an adept sculptor"). "Skillful" suggests being very able at a particular task ("a skillful surgeon"). "Expert" suggests having a thorough knowledge of a subject as well as being very skillful at working in it ("an expert folklorist").
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