November 11, 2018
continuous (adjective)
\kun-TIN-yoo-us\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: continuing without a stop
How do you use it?
The sidewalk stretched in a smooth, continuous line, . . ..
Are you a word wiz?

Whoops! We forgot to finish our example sentence! Which answer below best completes the sentence and further explains what "continous" means?

We hope you stopped at Answer A. "Continuous" is most often used of things in which no break occurs between the beginning and the perceived end of it, and that is what Answer A explains: the sidewalk goes on without a break from the beginning of it to the end of it. Answers B and C take the sidewalk as a whole, but note that it is broken up: in B it's interrupted by driveways, and in C, it stops and starts again. Answer D is very picturesque, but doesn't help explain what "continuous" means. "Continuous" is related to "continue," and it applies to both space (as in our sentence above) and time, as in "The baby let out a long, continuous wail."
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