November 13, 2016
fortuitous (adjective)
\for-TOO-uh-tus\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : occurring by chance2 : fortunate
How do you use it?
Rachael said that meeting her favorite TV actor at the corner drugstore was completely fortuitous -- she could never have planned it!
Are you a word wiz?

Keeping in mind what you know about "fortuitous," which of the following words do you think is a synonym of "fortuitous"?

"Accidental," "fortuitous," and "casual" all refer to something that happens by chance, events that are not planned and often hard to predict. "Accidental" emphasizes the element of chance (as in, "any resemblance to actual persons is entirely accidental"). "Fortuitous" adds even more to the idea of chance, often implying that an event has no cause whatsoever (for example, "a series of fortuitous events"). "Casual" stresses lack of real thought or intent (as in, "a casual encounter with a neighbor"). The other answers in today's quiz ("deliberate," "premeditated," and "intentional") are opposites of "fortuitous."
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