November 13, 2017
lug (verb)
\LUG\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: to pull or carry especially with great effort
How do you use it?
Jordan and his friends spent the last period of the day lugging chairs and music stands up to the auditorium stage in preparation for the band concert that evening.
Are you a word wiz?

"Lug" comes from the Middle English word "luggen." Which of the following do you think is the meaning of "luggen"?

We're not pulling your leg—or your hair or ear: in Middle English "luggen" meant "to pull by the hair or ear." It also meant more generally "drag." "Lug" in modern English has had both these meanings, but today the word is usually used as in the sentence above about the concert setup. In that sentence, "lug" is a verb, but the word can also be used as a noun. The noun "lug" often refers to a part, such as a handle, that sticks out like an ear, or to a nut (also called a "lug nut") used to hold a wheel onto a car or truck.
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