November 17, 2017
elusive (adjective)
\ee-LOO-siv\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : hard to find or capture : evasive2 : hard to understand or define
How do you use it?
Jordan's uncle is an interesting albeit unusual man who spends his time collecting evidence of the existence of the elusive Sasquatch.
Are you a word wiz?

If you believe that Sasquatch exists, you would probably characterize it as elusive. Which of the following do you think could also be described by the word "elusive"?

Although the truth about something in the past could be described as elusive, the truth about the word "elusive" is not. It comes from the verb "elude," meaning "to avoid or escape by being quick, skillful, or tricky" and "to escape the understanding or grasp of." "Elude" traces back to the Latin word "ludere," meaning "to play." Another "ludere" word is "ludicrous," which means "laughable because of being ridiculous," as in "It's ludicrous to think I'll ever know all the words in the English language."
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