November 22, 2018
turkey (noun)
\TER-kee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : a large American bird that is related to the domestic chicken, has a wide range in North America, and is domesticated in most parts of the world2 : something that is a failure3 : a stupid or foolish person
How do you use it?
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the pumpkin pie and mounds of turkey.
Are you a word wiz?

How do you think the large birds that traditionally grace the Thanksgiving table got the name "turkey"?

Put a feather in your cap if you connected the bird with the country called Turkey and chose answer C. Back in the late 1500s, the American bird was confused with an African bird commonly known as the "guinea fowl" or "turkey-cock." The name "turkey-cock" derived from the fact that the bird had been imported from territory Europeans thought of as Turkish. It was the custom of the time to consider the country Turkey as the source of anything exotic. The name "turkey-cock" was naturally attached to the new American birds that resembled the familiar guinea fowl. Even after the confusion between the birds stopped, the name "turkey-cock" stuck, eventually shortened to simply "turkey."
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