November 25, 2018
revolt (verb)
\rih-VOHLT\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to rise up against the authority of a ruler or government2 : to feel or cause to feel disgust or shock
How do you use it?
Miguel was so revolted by the trash strewn all over the beach that he arranged a clean-up party with his friends.
Are you a word wiz?

We hope this question isn't too revolting: which of the words below do you think is related to "revolt"?

If you came around to A, "revolve," you made the right choice. "Revolt" and "revolve" are both descendants of the Latin verb "revolvere," which means "to revolve or roll back." How did we get from "roll back" to "rise up against authority"? The Italians used "revolvere" as the basis for the word "rivoltare," which means "to turn over." That word was used to mean "to overthrow." The French later adapted the Italian word into "revolter," meaning "to revolt." English speakers picked up "revolt" from the French in the 1500s.
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