December 01, 2016
titanic (adjective)
\tye-TAN-ik\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: enormous in size, force, or power : gigantic
How do you use it?
Titanic trees towered over the glade, and as she gazed up into their vast boughs, it seemed to Ava that she must have grown smaller.
Are you a word wiz?

"Titanic" seems like it must come from a myth, and it does. It comes from "Titan," which was the name of something in Greek mythology. What do you think a "Titan" was?

Give yourself a titanic cheer if you picked D as the correct answer. Before becoming the name of the most famous cruise ship in history, "titanic" referred to the Titans, a mythical family of giants who were believed to rule the earth. They were later overpowered and replaced by younger gods said to live on Mount Olympus. The size and power of the Titans is memorialized in the word "titanic." The Titans also gave their name to "titanium," a strong metal used in the making of steel.
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