December 01, 2017
arrive (verb)
\uh-RYVE\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to reach the place one started out for2 : to gain a goal or object3 : come4 : to be successful
How do you use it?
"If you are ever planning a vacation, you may find it useful to acquire a guidebook, which is a book listing interesting and pleasant places to visit and giving helpful hints about what to do when you arrive." (Lemony Snicket, _The Miserable Mill_)
Are you a word wiz?

Like so many words in English, "arrive" is Latin in origin, and it derives ultimately from the Latin word "ripa." Think about what it might have been like to arrive someplace back in the time of the ancient Romans, then tell us what you think "ripa" means.

You arrived at the correct answer if you chose B! In the ancient Mediterranean world, sailing on the seas and rivers was a crucial mode of transportation, and arriving someplace was often accomplished by reaching shore. The word "arrive" is a reflection of this history. It traces to "arripare," meaning "to come to shore." "Arripare" in turn derives from the Latin roots "ad-," meaning "toward," and "ripa," which means "bank, shore." "Ripa" is also the ancestor of "river."
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