December 02, 2018
snob (noun)
\SNAHB\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : one who imitates, admires, or seeks association with those of higher social position2 : one who looks down upon those felt to be less important
How do you use it?
In Charles Dickens' novel _Great Expectations_, the main character, Pip, becomes a snob when money from an anonymous benefactor allows him to raise his position in society.
Are you a word wiz?

Far from being a wealthy or titled person, the original "snob" had an ordinary job. What do you think the first "snobs" did for a living?

Answer C is better than the rest! "Snob" is an old word in English for "cobbler," a person who makes or repairs shoes. Cobblers were once thought of as representative of all working-class people. In time, the name "snob" was applied to the laboring classes as distinguished from the nobility, landowners, and rich merchants. Later on, it came to refer to a person who pretended to be a member of a higher class or who imitated the clothing, speech, and mannerisms of the nobility. Nowadays, the word is used for anyone who acts as if he or she is better than others.
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