December 03, 2016
bequeath (verb)
\bih-KWEETH\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to give or leave property by a will2 : to pass down from older to younger (as from parent to child)
How do you use it?
Zara's grandmother intends to bequeath to her the ruby ring that she has admired since she was a child.
Are you a word wiz?

In which one of these sentences do you think "bequeath" is used correctly?

Some good word sense has been passed down to you if you picked sentence A. The tree can't own Phil's chair, so that casts a shadow over sentence B. Sentence C is clearly wrong, since it uses "bequeath" as a noun instead of a verb. The name of a jewel or gem, such as "emerald" or "amethyst," would fit in its place. "Placed" or "positioned" might work there instead. The army in sentence D has "besieged" rather than "bequeathed" the city. That leaves sentence A, and the creative abilities that the baby can hope to inherit.
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