December 09, 2018
hydraulic (adjective)
\hye-DRAW-lik\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : operated, moved, or brought about by means of water2 : of or relating to hydraulics3 : operated by pressure transmitted when a quantity of liquid is forced through a small hole or through a tube4 : hardening or setting under water
How do you use it?
A hydraulic system was built in London in 1882 to deliver pressurized water to machinery in factories.
Are you a word wiz?

This story might not sound like it holds water, but "hydraulic" is the word cousin of a word that means a particular kind of song. Which word for a kind of song do you think is related to "hydraulic"?

There might not be much of a family resemblance, but "hydraulic" and "carol" both trace from the same Greek root. Their common ancestor is the Greek word "aulos," which is the name of a reed instrument. Greek speakers combined "aulos" with the prefix "hydr-," meaning "water," to form "hydraulis." "Hydraulis" means "hydraulic organ" which is an ancient pipe organ that used water pressure as a means of compressing air to make sound. A form of "hydraulis" was borrowed into Latin as "hydraulicus" which later entered English and developed its different meanings in the form "hydraulic." "Carol" stemmed from the Latin word "choraula" meaning "choral song." "Choraula" comes from the Greek "choraulÚs," a combination of "aulos" and the word "choros," which means "chorus."
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