December 19, 2018
harmony (noun)
\HAHR-muh-nee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 a : the combination of musical notes played together as chords b : the structure of music with respect to the way it is written and to the way notes are grouped as chords c : the science of harmony2 a : pleasing or suitable arrangement of parts b : agreement, accord
How do you use it?
During their duet at the concert, Ronaldo and Alba hit each note on cue, their voices in perfect harmony.
Are you a word wiz?

Of the languages below, which one do you think played a part in giving us our word "harmony"?

Answer A is music to our ears! "Harmony" traces all the way back to the Greek word "harmos," meaning "joint," from which came "harmonia," meaning "joint, harmony." "Harmonia" traveled through Latin and Anglo-French before entering Middle English as "armony" and then Modern English as "harmony." English has other musical words with Greek origins. The word "music" traces back to the Greek word for "muse." Others include "orchestra," which comes from a Greek word meaning "to dance," and "rhythm," which probably comes from a Greek word that means "to flow."
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