December 20, 2018
vary (verb)
\VAIR-ee\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to make a minor or partial change in2 : to give variety to3 : to show or undergo change4 a : to be different b : to change in bodily structure or function away from what is usual for members of a group
How do you use it?
"The sky presented a clear expanse of the most delicate blue, except along the skirts of the horizon, where you might see a thin drapery of pale clouds which never varied their form or colour." (Herman Melville, _Typee_)
Are you a word wiz?

Which word do you think is a synonym of "vary"?

"Vary," "alter," "modify," and "change" mean to make something different or to become different. "Change" is the most general of the terms. It implies both making an essential difference in something, as in "She changed her hairstyle," or making a substitution of one thing for another, as in "He changed the shirt for a larger size." "Vary" stresses a breaking away from sameness, duplication, or exact repetition, as in "We like to vary our daily routine." "Alter" suggests a difference in some particular respect, as in "She slightly altered the original design." "Modify" suggests a difference that limits, restricts, or adapts something to a new purpose, as in "The building was modified to make it handicapped accessible."
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