December 21, 2016
ritzy (adjective)
\RIT-see\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : very fashionable2 : stuck-up, snobbish
How do you use it?
To save money, the couple is planning to hold their wedding reception in their own backyard instead of at a ritzy banquet hall.
Are you a word wiz?

From which of these do you think we get the word "ritzy"?

The answer that has real style is A. In 1898 Cesar Ritz opened a hotel in Paris that was supposed to be the last word in luxury, named after himself. After a few years, and the establishment of more hotels, the Ritz Hotels became a symbol of elegant living. "Ritzy," the adjective derived from the hotel name, has come to stand for everything its guests were seen to be "fashionable" and "classy." However, the extravagance for which the Ritz Hotels were famous caused "ritzy" to also be synonymous with "showy," "flashy," and "glitzy." And when it's applied to people, it tends to mean "snobbish" or "snooty."
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