December 23, 2018
concoct (verb)
\kun-KAHKT\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to prepare by combining various ingredients2 : to think up : invent
How do you use it?
"Next she produced several packets of herbs and powders and began adding a portion of each to the contents of the kettle. Occasionally she would draw near the candle and read from a yellow paper the recipe of the mess she was concocting." (L. Frank Baum, _The Marvelous Land of Oz_)
Are you a word wiz?

Which of these words do you think is a relative of "concoct"?

If you quickly concocted a plan to pick B, congratulations! "Concoct" and "kitchen" are both rooted in "coquere," the Latin verb that means "to cook." "Decoct," which means "to extract the flavor of by boiling," and "kiln," which refers to an oven or furnace for hardening, burning, or drying something, can also be traced back to "coquere." Another related word is "ricotta," the white unripened cheese that resembles cottage cheese and originally came from Italy. It comes from Latin "recoquere," which means "to cook again."
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