December 27, 2016
lucid (adjective)
\LOO-sid\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 a : bright with light : luminous b : translucent2 : having full use of one's reasoning ability : clear-minded3 : clear to the understanding : plain
How do you use it?
With the help of Jenny's lucid and informative instructions, I had no trouble moving my contacts to my new email program.
Are you a word wiz?

"Lucid" traces to the Latin word "lucere." What do you think "lucere" means?

It's easy enough to shed some light on the origins of "lucid": it derives from the Latin verb "lucere," meaning "to shine." "Lucid" has been used by English speakers since at least the late 16th century. Although it once meant merely "filled with light" or "shining," it has developed extended senses describing someone whose mind is clear or something with a clear meaning. Other shining examples of the "lucere" family include "translucent" and "lucent" ("glowing"). Even the word "light" itself is akin to "lucere."
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