December 29, 2017
souvenir (noun)
\soo-vuh-NEER\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
: something that serves as a reminder : memento
How do you use it?
"Mr. Hutton gave me a lovely little glass, shaped like a thistle, which belonged to his dear mother, as a souvenir of my delightful visit." (Helen Keller, _The Story of My Life_)
Are you a word wiz?

"Souvenir" is part of a large family of related words. Can you spot a relative in the list below?

If you adventurously chose D, you're right! "Souvenir" and "adventure" are word cousins, both tracing to the Latin root word "venire," meaning "to come." English borrowed "souvenir" from French where it means literally "act of remembering." French speakers adopted "souvenir" from the Latin word "subvenire" (meaning "to come up, to come to mind"), itself a descendant of "venire." Words in the "venire" family tend to include the letters "ven." "Souvenir," "adventure," "convenient," "event," "invention," and "prevent" all belong to the "venire" clan.
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