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  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: full of cereal: covered in cereal
    Example Sentence: My shirt is so cereable!
    Submitted by: Bjh from MD, USA on 02/24/2015 11:55


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: cool and geeky at the same time
    Example Sentence: That kid is ceeky.
    Submitted by: Megan from SC, USA on 11/05/2009 08:28


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: both cute and sweet
    Example Sentence: That bunny is so ceet!
    Submitted by: Morgan from TN, USA on 12/01/2010 08:53


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to cough and sneeze at the same time
    Example Sentence: She ceezed during the moment of silence.
    Submitted by: Penny from CA, USA on 04/26/2009 06:36
  2. Function: verb
    Definition: to cough and sneeze at the same time
    Example Sentence: I ceezed during class.
    Submitted by: Evan from Indiana, USA on 09/23/2008 12:10


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a frozen treat that combines a creamsicle, fudgesicle, and popsicle all in one
    Example Sentence: They ate six cefugsicals between the two of them.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from New York, USA on 10/17/2011 01:53


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a machine that turns you into your favorite celebrity
    Example Sentence: She used the celebafyer to turn into Hannah Montana.
    Submitted by: Lexi from NJ, USA on 10/30/2008 05:01

celebral palsy

  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a neurological disorder that leads to loss of muscle control, balance, movement, and coordination
    Example Sentence: He was born with cerebral palsy.
    Submitted by: Rach from Washington, U.S.A. on 12/05/2007 11:34


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: someone who is trying to be like a superstar
    Word History: The word developed when I a movie star and it came to my mind.
    Example Sentence: That girl is a celebratory all during school trying to get boys' attentions.
    Submitted by: Hellen from Maryland, USA on 09/24/2007 06:32


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to celebrate something sad or bad
    Word History: celebrate + hate combined
    Example Sentence: The girls are going to celehate the end of their friendship.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from Texas, USA on 12/04/2007 04:39


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: an unusual fear of celebrities
    Example Sentence: I have a celephobia, so I don't go to live concerts.
    Submitted by: Caroline from NC, USA on 12/22/2007 08:25