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  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: fun and unique
    Example Sentence: Memphis is very funique place.
    Submitted by: April from AZ, USA on 12/17/2014 10:14


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to have fun while finishing: to be happy even when something fun is ending
    Example Sentence: When it started raining, we were funished playing baseball.
    Submitted by: Brendan from Maryland, USA on 05/06/2009 08:08


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a fun punishment
    Example Sentence: Reading that book because I passed notes in class was a funishment.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from CA, USA on 12/02/2008 12:52


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: fun and risky
    Example Sentence: Walking on top of the monkey bars is funisky.
    Submitted by: Kaelyn from USA on 01/11/2014 04:10


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: being fun while educational
    Word History: fun and educational
    Example Sentence: I had a funjacational day with my math teacher.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from MD, USA on 10/29/2009 06:47
  2. Function: adjective
    Definition: educational but also fun
    Example Sentence: The game we played was funjacational.
    Submitted by: Sassy from Michigan, USA on 09/25/2008 01:37


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a place where kids can go and hang out and be free to do whatever they please
    Example Sentence: Funjiegh is where you can go and play all day.
    Submitted by: Haley from Alabama, USA on 10/15/2008 02:04


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: really cool and funky
    Word History: It just came to me.
    Example Sentence: Your outfit is really funkadelic.
    Submitted by: Beautiful from NZ on 09/10/2007 08:04


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: very funky and fantastic looking
    Example Sentence: I like the funkadellatastic pattern on your headband.
    Submitted by: Purpleicious from KY, USA on 12/13/2007 06:46


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: being a funky and cool person in style or attitude
    Example Sentence: You're so totally funkadilla.
    Submitted by: Kasey from PA, USA on 02/04/2008 01:17


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: awesome, sweet and cool in style
    Example Sentence: Your new shoes are funkadillo!
    Submitted by: Anonymous from MN, USA on 12/15/2008 05:49