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  1. Function: noun
    Definition: frozen toast served for breakfast
    Example Sentence: I have never tried kooloast without syrup.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from Massachusetts, USA on 06/10/2008 12:34


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a chair that a cheif of the tribe ZamZam would sit in
    Word History: Invented, 2004.
    Example Sentence: The kooloo was both ornate and sturdy.
    Submitted by: Anonymous on 07/09/2007 02:13


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: better than cool or fantastic
    Example Sentence: That was kooltastic!
    Submitted by: Trev from MO, USA on 01/08/2008 10:52


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: an extreme amount of power or force
    Example Sentence: The asteroid had kooluyt when it crashed to Earth.
    Submitted by: Big D from NC, USA on 12/05/2008 04:06


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a very slow turtle
    Word History: a video game + turtle
    Example Sentence: The koopa swam slowly.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from Oklahoma, United States Of America on 10/12/2007 05:40


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a cool person
    Word History: "cool people"
    Example Sentence: My friends are kooples.
    Submitted by: Carleah from WI, USA on 11/02/2009 07:55


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: very, very scared
    Word History: I made it up.
    Example Sentence: I was very koozy.
    Submitted by: DK from Nebraska, United States of America on 10/02/2007 03:23


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: pretty funny
    Word History: I just made it up.
    Example Sentence: I was very koozyk.
    Submitted by: Kiki from Florida on 10/22/2007 07:15


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: pizza that has every kind of food on it
    Example Sentence: I would eat kopuzmonzol every night, if I could.
    Submitted by: Alex from Wisconsin, USA on 10/10/2008 12:27


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: ten times better then "kool"
    Word History: Jake K. made it up.
    Example Sentence: I am so koral!
    Submitted by: Cookie Monster from IL, USA on 09/19/2007 06:05