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  1. Function: interjection
    Definition: used to express upset or anger over a mistake
    Word History: My best friend and I use it when we mess up on something. It should really mean a lot of things.
    Example Sentence: I broke my pencil. Just peachy! I have nothing else to write with.
    Submitted by: Favian M. from USA on 10/02/2007 11:39


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to laze around: to do very little
    Word History: princessology
    Example Sentence: You can't just flumber the day away.
    Submitted by: Sydney from Illinois, USA on 10/02/2007 11:10


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: somewhat squished and wrinkly on the surface
    Example Sentence: A prune is cramply.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from Illinois, USA on 10/02/2007 11:09


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: the white bumpy things on the ends of notebook paper after the paper has been ripped out of the notebook
    Word History: Mrs. P.'s classroom does not accept shnibblies.
    Example Sentence: Make sure there are no shnibblies on your paper.
    Submitted by: Mrs. P.'s class from Illinois, United States of America on 10/02/2007 11:06


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to squeeze together
    Word History: Over the hours this word has developed in my mind. It's a word that means "to have squeezed" but it sounds much funnier than squeezed!
    Example Sentence: The ballerina sqooze her legs so she could stay in good posture.
    Submitted by: Brittany from Texas, The United States of America on 10/02/2007 10:39


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: very well or super
    Word History: It was developed by Americans.
    Example Sentence: You are superv.
    Submitted by: Kathy from New York, United States of America on 10/02/2007 10:28


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: spectacularly bad
    Word History: It was made up.
    Example Sentence: That monster is specdraciler.
    Submitted by: Joe from Oman on 10/04/2007 01:47
  2. Function: adjective
    Definition: spectacularly evil
    Example Sentence: That monster is spectaciler.
    Submitted by: Joe from Oman on 10/02/2007 10:23


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to think you like someone when you really don't
    Example Sentence: The boy likraed the girl.
    Submitted by: Kate from USA on 10/02/2007 06:15


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: totalling thirteen in number
    Word History: I was trying to say thirteen but messed up and said tortilla (which is also a flat bread made from corn).
    Example Sentence: I have tortilla necklaces.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from Colorado on 10/02/2007 12:59


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: someone who is obsessed with anime
    Word History: anime and fizz
    Example Sentence: That girl is a fizzamist. All she does is draw anime cartoons, wears anime clothes, and watch anime shows on TV.
    Submitted by: Devan from CA, U.S.A. on 10/02/2007 12:13